Can I file for a divorce without an attorney?
Yes, but there are important things you must know. The Clerk’s office staff cannot give legal advice. This means, we cannot answer questions in regards to the paperwork you are preparing or missing. Further, per Rule 68.5 PARTIES NOT REPRESENTED BY COUNSEL – LITIGANT AWARENESS PROGRAM: Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 88.90, every party not represented by counsel who participates in a proceeding for dissolution of marriage, legal separation, parentage or the modification of a judgment in any such proceeding shall use the pleading forms found at, and shall complete the litigant awareness program designed by the Supreme Court also found at the above listed website. The litigant shall complete this program and shall certify to the Court, in writing, that he/she has completed this program.

If you are unsure of the requirement to proceed, we strongly urge you to seek the advice of an attorney. You may consider contacting the Missouri Bar Association for an attorney referral at 573-636-3635 or visit their web site at

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1. Can I file for a divorce without an attorney?
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