Tax Installment Program

Monthly Budget Pay Plan
The Monthly Budget Pay Plan (Budget Plan) is a free service that is offered by the Butler County Collector’s Office to help taxpayers budget their tax payments. Many people prefer to budget their money on a monthly basis. They allow so much for the house payments, the car payment, groceries, phone bill and so on. Now you can pay your real estate or personal property taxes each month too and avoid being surprised when the tax bill shows up.

Monthly Payments
You make monthly payments that are then applied to your tax bill. This program is designed to help you plan and save for your taxes before they are due. To sign up now for the Monthly Budget Pay Plan, please download the 
Monthly Budget Pay Plan Authorization form for the tax account you wish to pay monthly, complete the form and return to the Butler County Collector’s Office.

More Information
Should you have questions or require additional information please feel free to email or call the office at 573-686-8088.