Electronic Recording Information

Pursuant to RMSO 59.563, electronic format for documents may be established.

The Recorder of Deeds in any municipality or county of this state may establish an electronic format for the recording or filing of documents which such Recorder has a constitutional or statutory duty to maintain. Such documents may be recorded, filed, transmitted, stored and maintained in an electronic format as prescribed by the Recorder of Deeds of any municipality or county. No document presented pursuant to this section shall be required to be submitted in duplicate. Nothing in this section shall require any Recorder of Deeds to establish, accept or transmit any document in an electronic format.

E-recording makes it easy to e-record all of your documents online. You don't have to use the mail, leave the office or stand in line at the county - saving you time and money. If you have Windows PC, high speed internet access, and a scanner you have what you need to start e-recording. Join thousands of title companies, banks, and attorneys that are already e-recording.

How it works:
You electronically prepare or scan, upload and submit documents through a web-based service for recording. The country receives the documents electronically for processing and reviews the documents for accuracy. After review and approval, documents are processed, stamped, and officially recorded with the county and put on public record.

You will need an agreement to begin the process of e Recording:

 www.simplifile.com   Tel: 800.460.5657
Contact: CSC eRecording Support (866) 652-0111
Contact: Mobilis Technologies (417) 818-4299

 Benefits of e Recording:
  • Same day recording
  • Minimize recording errors
  • Reduced courier fees
  • ACH (electronic transfer of funds) through Simplifile for recording fees
  • Convenient submission
If a document is rejected, it will be corrected quickly and resubmitted rather than returning it in the mail and then the sender returning it to the Recorder's office